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    Zoe Morgan Sydney
    commented on Contact Us 2023-11-07 21:25:44 -0500

    Who knows how many there are who’ve never heard of Forward. The tube certainly mentions No Labels from time to time, (free of charge), the latest being Nancy Pelosi condemning them with a little free publicity all her own, but I’ve heard virtually nothing of Forward, the nearest being the long ago 30 second report (on CNN?) of an interview of Andrew Yang in which Forward got mocked for having too thin a platform. What he said in response was not reported, but he might have raised Relevance, In This Moment of Extreme Polarization. Allowing the national convention (that might have false expectations from their local/state level experiences, as to what quintessential RB would produce (Sharing The Work, Compromise, Perspective, Eclecticism & Pluralism?) to pick a national candidate involves the risk of the candidate being too extreme to have a chance of winning, The accompanying program, while okay for some localities, likely won’t appeal to those on the right who might have been in favor of RB, thereby causing lose, the besmirching of RB in the minds of those potential supporters & the dragging of both Forward & RB down with them. The board would no doubt make a better choice than the convention might. The Youthful who’ve followed Andrew over from his Presidential campaign may not ever have even considered the arguments of the other side beyond what’s caricatured on the news. It’s not too late to have that nominee, The FP board should CHANGE ITS MIND & run a Presidential candidate. If it was capable of making the one decision, it should be capable of the other. Putting the question out there might even create press coverage. It could be a slow, detached, educational, write-in campaign. The candidate could be chosen by the board this one time, since there won’t have been a convention. A bunch of retirees, with all that free time & energy, could tour college towns. + With all the movements &:reforms that have historically come out of NYS, that they recently effectively banned (as in STRUCTURAL AUTHORITARIANISM) both the Greens & the Libertarians from running for statewide office, emphasizes the importance of Structural Reform over mere policy. + (Going by a personal pessimism), the Forward Party decision to not offer even an EDUCATIONAL candidacy for President might just prove to be a bad choice. And now, sure enough, there’s (100% lock step with Biden, yet pro-Ranked Ballot!) Dean Phillips of MN. (Welfare for the world? Too bad everyone can’t be auto workers? Maybe Biden can arrange to get himself caught with a tranny just in time to blow it? Things that RB would certainly moderate, Alex?). + Win-Win, Top Dead Center RB (if it EVER comes to pass) is way more likely to result in Justice, Freedom, Democracy, Unity, Liberation, What-Have-You, than Statist paper pushing. It would INESCAPABLY result in Sharing The Work (the workweek attached to the unemployment rate). STW would give us a maximization of the use of available work-hours, as to actual PRODUCTIVITY, meaning noone would ever have to keep a job they didn’t like, & create such prosperity as would amount to virtual GLOBAL Reparations. However much the left-left may not like it, the fact on the ground choice they have is be for quintessential Ranked Ballot FIRST (to the extent that the Forward Party Presidential candidate runs on purely STRUCTURAL proposals (certainly FP’s three: RB (voters ranking candidates in order of preference, counting the first choices, and then, if noone has fifty percent, adding in the next, and so on,til someone, most exactly in the middle, finally does?), Open Primaries & Citizen Redistricting Commissions, hopefully, Bills Brought Up In # of Cosponsors Order, perhaps Women’s Equal Representation (equal #s of each gender on all boards & committees, from juries to SCOTUS & the Senate, & one of each legislative district’s TWO reps a woman) & free websites for all who make the ballot (to remove the last excuse of the Democratic Centralists for their continuing authoritarianism :fear of usurpation of their revolution by monied interests), but perhaps not even STW (cause of the great likely opposition from Organized Labor, (even tho that’s what’s most likely to produce the greatest JUSTICE, Worker Liberation, Unity & Empowerment)). + State orgs rushing to adopt progressive measures, even if only for organizing purposes, in ignorance of the way more inevitable STW, will threaten to lead to the national org doing the same, thereby turning off the right-leaning portion of the populace who might have supported RB, & dooming it to defeat, (with the exception of in bogarty, politically unanimous localities). The left-left should do the honorable & pragmatic thing & stay with others of their ilk who support RB, like the Greens, or wherever, not go running to the front of the parade. Once there’s RB, they’ll have the power to try to sway the mass in their direction, propose specific changes, (should they not by then have realized STW), like increasing the slope of the (then 100% STRAIGHT Line) income tax to pay for Reparations, Single Payer, or whatever, (or cutting taxes). + Meanwhile, besides PROSPERITY, STW would mean noone would ever have to keep a job they didn’t like, (WOMEN & the downtrodden included), give us World Peace, (once it makes all ideology and national borders meaningless) & so increase the relative cost of all mechanisms of oppression as to make them prohibitive. Workers, being always assured of more work, would be motivated to be as COOPERATIVELY productive as possible. STW would do away with the NEED for most welfare, it’s attendant bureaucracy, & hopefully,.(dead-end, non-productive) military spending, (PLUS the unemployment office), amount to All Powers To Their Lowest Appropriate Level, mean no corporation would ever again be too big to fail, end compulsive careerism, unsustainable growthism, planned obsolescence, inflation, downturns, irrational exuberance, foot-dragging & make-work, and hence Global Warming, prevent an organized labor circular firing squad from chasing increasingly empty dollars into the ground, (while dragging Freedom-Democracy along with them), remove government from the (corruption inducing) picking of winners and losers, give us a safer, fairer and more frugal path thru future pandemics, give us Free Markets without the resentment, smooth the business cycle & give workers all the Unity and Liberation they could want. + STW is the manifestation of the Perfect Marriage of the (reportedly antipodal) Principles of Freedom and Justice, (as ANY truly FAIR system would be), of Freedom with an Eye for Justice and Justice with an Eye for Freedom, but RB needs to be installed NATIONALLY to be effective, not bogarted by self-interested localities (perhaps out of fear it won’t then deliver the hoped for result). Neither major party could win out over STW in a fair contest. It’s what’s best for both all workers AND bosses. We already have a 40 hour workweek, and a shorter one would not have been inconceivable during the pandemic, (to share both the burden and the reward, & give us more separation, going to & fro, so STW should not be unprecedented nor unimaginable. The bleeding WORLD needs Ranked Ballot. Noone has the right to ignore it, stand in its way, or keep it for themselves. War is bad for the Environment. Broad strokes are best. The longest journey begins with a single step. By their fruits you shall know them. Make haste slowly. In any event, I’ll be hedging my bet & going equally with Rank The Vote. + Zoe Morgan Sydney, USA, Planet Earth, Some Galaxy Speeding Away Into Nothingness.