About Us

Rank My Vote Florida was founded in 2019 by regular citizens who were working on ranked choice voting in their own cities in Florida and banded together to try and get a statewide organization going.  The main focus of Rank My Vote Florida is the statewide passage of RCV, while at the same time assisting efforts to get RCV passed for local elections as well.  

Leadership Team

John Severini, Chairman


One of our original 3 co-founders, since 2016 John has led the RCV effort to see ranked choice voting used in Sarasota where it was passed in 2007.  A retired IT business owner with 30+ years of experience, John is determined to fix our broken political system and believes that "ranked choice voting is a simple change to the way we vote that would increase voter choice, dissuade negative attacks, focus candidates on issues, while encouraging more candidates to run, giving voters more voice and leaders that represent the majority of voters."


Julian Santos, Vice Chairman

Julian was born and raised in Hialeah, FL and has a passion for electoral reform which led to helping co-found Rank My Vote Florida. After graduating from the University of Florida, he spent seven years working as a bank regulator for the Florida Office of Financial Regulation. He grew interested in politics during that time and was disappointed by how little action the federal and state governments took on the issues that mattered to everyday people. He is passionate about RCV because of its ability to reduce polarization and get government to work again.

Perry Waag, Treasurer  

After spending the first 20+ years of his adult life in the business world & raising a family, like many middle of the road Americans Perry was moved to start taking some action in the aftermath of the 2016 election cycle so that none of us ever have to hold our nose to vote again between the lesser of two evils.  Since November of 2016 he has self-published a book on Amazon called 'The Centrist Path Ahead', founded and led the Northeast Florida chapter of Unite America (formerly The Centrist Project), and served as Unite America's National Volunteer Coordinator prior to helping co-found our organization.  A native New Yorker, he has lived in the Jacksonville area for 21 years with his wife and daughter. 

David Angel, General Counsel  

Prior to joining our team in late 2020, David spent several years working as a financial regulatory attorney in New York before returning home to Miami. He is passionate about making elections work better and is excited to join the movement to adopt ranked-choice voting statewide in Florida. He holds a J.D. from the University of Michigan and is admitted to the Bar in New York. He also holds a CPA license in Massachusetts.


Advisory Board

Jen Ahearn-Koch

Former Mayor of the City of Sarasota & current City Commission Member At-Large. Jen Ahearn-Koch is an experienced marketing & communications professional with extensive experience in the US & Europe. She is a long time supporter of ranked choice voting and having been a candidate genuinely feels that RCV increases the likelihood of positive campaigning as well as decreases the cost by eliminating the run off round.


Susan Bottcher

Susan has spent the past 30 years in community activism volunteering on citizen advisory boards and for local non-profit organizations. For nearly 16 years her attentions turned towards issues advocacy and electoral politics on the local and state levels. Her local efforts have included the Citizens Election District Review Commission, Gainesville Arts & Parks Foundation, Gainesville Charter Review Commission and being elected to the Gainesville City Commission (2011-2014). Recognizing the crucial need for an electoral system that better reflects of the will of voters and saves taxpayer money, she joined the Advisory Board for Rank My Vote Florida in 2019 to help bring ranked choice voting to Florida.

Susan grew up in Ft. Lauderdale and moved to Gaineville to attend the University of Florida. After graduation she decided to make north central Florida her home. She is married and has two adult children.

Jean Chalmers  


Former Mayor of Gainesville, Florida, Jean Chalmers moved to Florida in 1958 and immediately became involved in the Civil Rights Movement where she learned about campaigning and the electoral process in local, Florida legislative and Congressional races. In addition to running several local campaigns, she ran the statewide campaign for Commissioner of Education, Ralph Turlington, and was statewide Treasurer for the Lawton Chiles campaign for Governor. She ran for Gainesville City Commission in 1972 and lost. She ran for that City Commission again in 1982 and 1985 and won. She was selected as Mayor in 1985/86. In the 1990's she was invited by Universities to give lectures on campaigning in Italy, Switzerland, Germany and England. She currently runs her real estate practice and speaks throughout the area on Ranked Choice Voting. 

  Steve Hough    Steve is a retired accountant living in the Florida panhandle. As a lifelong independent, he became active in the movement for electoral reform after retiring. He is motivated by a recognition that the entrenched political duopoly stifles competition and promotes divisiveness which has created a toxic political environment preventing lawmakers from effectively addressing our most pressing problems.


Yury Konnikov

Yury is an information technology professional with a passion for nonpartisan electoral reforms. For many years he has been involved with another nonpartisan organization called Florida Iniative for Electoral Reform (FLIER).  He is presently pursuing a Master’s in Public Administration. Mr. Konnikov has served as Student Trustee at Palm Beach State College, Chair of the Boca Raton City Education Advisory Board, and on Boynton Beach’s Green Community Alliance.


   Bill Matturro    

Bill Matturro is a Vietnam veteran, a graduate of University of Florida School of Law and a member of the Florida Bar for over 35 years during which he practiced primarily public interest law, representing the handicapped, the elderly, and the environment. He is retired and living in Bradenton.

 Mary Anna Mancuso    

Mary Anna Mancuso is a Political Analyst at WPTV News Channel 5 and her commentary can be seen weekly on their political talk show “To The Point” and other national news outlets. In addition to providing on-air political analysis, Mancuso serves as the Media Manager at Stand Up Republic, a nonpartisan, pro-democracy organization focused on advocating for government reform. She has over a decade of experience in political communications and has worked in various campaign communications roles, including serving as Digital Director for high profile national and state level campaigns.

Mancuso holds a BS in Political Science from SUNY Brockport and a master’s degree from Long Island University with a double concentration in American Politics with a specialization in elections and voting behavior and International Relations with a focus in Middle Eastern politics and the inception of the Iraq War.