About Us

Rank My Vote Florida was founded in 2019 by regular citizens who were working on ranked choice voting in their own cities in Florida and banded together to try and get a statewide organization going.  The main focus of Rank My Vote Florida is the statewide passage of RCV, while at the same time assisting efforts to get RCV passed for local elections as well.  

Our Team

John Severini, Chairman



For the last 3+ years John has led the RCV SRQ effort to see ranked choice voting used in Sarasota where it was passed in 2007.  A retired IT business owner with 30+ years of experience, John is determined to fix our broken political system and believes that "ranked choice voting is a simple change to the way we vote that would increase voter choice, dissuade negative attacks, focus candidates on issues, while encouraging more candidates to run, giving voters more voice and leaders that represent the majority of voters."


Julian Santos, Vice Chairman

Julian was born and raised in Hialeah, FL and has a passion for electoral reform. After graduating from the University of Florida, he spent seven years working as a bank regulator for the Florida Office of Financial Regulation. He grew interested in politics during that time and was disappointed by how little action the federal and state governments took on the issues that mattered to everyday people. He is passionate about RCV because of its ability to reduce polarization and get government to work again.

Perry Waag, Treasurer  


After spending the first 20+ years of his adult life in the business world & raising a family, like many middle of the road Americans Perry was moved to start taking some action in the aftermath of the 2016 election cycle so that none of us ever have to hold our nose to vote again between the lesser of two evils.  Since November of 2016 he has self-published a book on Amazon called 'The Centrist Path Ahead', founded and led the Northeast Florida chapter of Unite America (formerly The Centrist Project), served as Unite America's National Volunteer Coordinator, and helped found rcvjax.org, a nonpartisan, not for profit working to get RCV used in future elections in Jacksonville Florida.  A native New Yorker, he has lived in the Jacksonville area for 20 years with his wife and daughter.