Sarasota Petition

Please sign our petition to help encourage the Florida Secretary of State/Division of Elections to allow Sarasota to use ranked choice voting.  They passed it, they have the equipment to do it.  Un-elected bureaucrats in Tallahassee should not be able to go against the will of the people.  If we get enough signatures we will present the total amount to the SOS/DOE staff.  Thank you for your support and please share this petition with others around the state of Florida to get them to sign it too!  

Our Petition:

The City of Sarasota passed ranked choice voting in 2007 and now has the equipment capable of conducting RCV elections, but the Division of Elections will not allow the equipment to be certified for that purpose because it claims the state constitution requires plurality elections, and RCV uses majority elections.

For over 30 years many municipalities in Florida have been using majority vote, two round run-off elections. These cities and counties have their own charters and have wide leeway in how they can conduct their local affairs.

Furthermore, a majority vote is a kind of plurality vote. It is simply a plurality where the top vote getter gets more than 50% of the vote.

If the Division of Elections/Secretary of State’s position is valid, then every city in Florida that has been doing majority vote elections over the last 30+ years have been holding illegal elections.

Therefore, we the undersigned citizens of Florida, petition Secretary of State Laurel Lee and the Division of Elections to develop voting machine certification criteria for ranked choice voting and allow any charter city or county that has passed ranked choice voting to be able to use it for their local elections.

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